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Using images from ultimateungulate.com
Terms and conditions of use
Thank you for your interest in Ultimate Ungulate Images!
Images are an important part of this website, and many species depicted here are rarely seen in photographs. Images appearing here are the exclusive property of their respective photographers and are protected under international copyright laws (i.e., they are not in the public domain). Written permission was obtained from all photographers before using any image within this site.

At odds with protecting the photographers' rights, we recognize that others will want to use these images to help connect people with ungulates.
Here are the terms of use for images appearing on www.ultimateungulate.com
Please select the most appropriate option below, or contact Image Inquiries for more information.

Personal Websites | Projects & Presentations | Publishing

Personal Websites

If you would like to use a picture from this site on your personal website, you may do so with the following conditions:
  1. The image file may not be altered in any way (i.e., no cropping). You may alter the apparent dimensions of an image to fit your layout by using HTML, but you may not change the image file itself without written permission from the photographer.

    The copyright information and website banner must be visible. WHY? Removingthe credit line from the image is a form of stealing. Please give credit where it is due.

  2. A link back to www.ultimateungulate.com should be included and associated with the photo, either as a text link or attached directly to the image (such that by clicking on the photo the visitor is taken to the appropriate page at www.ultimateungulate.com). This is to ensure that a visitor who sees the image knows where it is from and can get more information on it.

  3. As a courtesy, please send an email to Image Inquiries with the address of the page on which the image is displayed - we'd like to see your work!

  4. If you would like to link to a picture on the UltimateUngulate server, please link to the appropriate webpage (.html) and not directly to the image (.jpg).


Projects and Presentations

You are welcome to use images from this site in projects, reports, and presentations, provided that the final result will not be published (see below if this is the case). When using a photo in your project, please keep in mind the following:
  1. The image may not be altered in any way (i.e., no cropping); the copyright information and website banner must be visible. Watermark-free images can be made available depending on the project.

  2. Credit is usually given in the caption of an image, although you may also cite it in your bibliography. For most images on this site (unless otherwise specified) the credit should read:
    ©Brent Huffman, www.ultimateungulate.com

  3. So long as the above conditions are met, you may also include a line saying "used with permission".

  4. If your project is a website, the conditions for online use (above) still apply.


Editorial Use

Many of the images on this website are be available for use in publications.

If you are interested in acquiring licensing rights for images on this website, please write to Image Inquiries with the specific details of your project.  High quality digital images (at up to 34 x 22 inches in size at 300 dpi) are available for most photographs.  Previews of additional photographs are also available for review upon request. 
*Please note that not all images are available for licensing*